What I do is less less important than how I do it and why I do it.
Creating emotional branding that matters to you. There is not a specific process that I apply on every project or for every client. By simply listening to you, understanding and conceptualizing with our emotions and knowledge of design, I can help to better understand your needs and competitors as well as your brand's mission /vision at no cost. I bring both a personal touch to my work with the discipline of agency work ethics.
Having a unique and elegant style, based on intuition that focuses on people's needs and desires rather than just business.
It all begins with a honest conversation about how I can help you create a lasting and honest brand. Define the project scope based on my full range of design services, so I can craft a detailed quote for your approval and revision. Will work with you to set a proper timeline and expectations.
My creative presentations will include design assets with a feedback process from start to finish. Upon completion, I offer production consultancy and close supervision of the final brand delivery and beyond.
Creative with over 20 years of design & advertising experience. 
I've always consider myself as your brand ambassador in design. 
“Designers take care of everything around us”
M. Vignelli
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